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Morrison School 2017 Summer Learning Experience 

Enrollment is now open for Morrison School’s 2017 Summer Learning Experience. 

Monday - Thursday, June 12 - July 13, 2017 
8:15 - 1:30 PM

Enroll by April 14th to receive the Early Bird Tuition Rate!!

How would my child benefit from an integrated summer program? 
Being in a structured and consistent academic setting will help prevent the academic loss that so often takes place in students over summer break. These breaks take a greater toll on children with learning differences.   Therefore, for children who learn differently an appropriate, effective summer learning experience is not a luxury, it’s critical! 

What makes the Summer Learning Experience different?  
Our 5-week summer program is designed to help students develop strong foundational skills for future academic success while acquiring advantageous learning strategies for the upcoming school year. The summer program blends academics, fine arts, therapeutic play, and social opportunities to prevent the “summer slide”, empower, grow, and ultimately have fun.

Who attends Morrison School? 
ALL STUDENTS, grades PreK-12!!  Morrison School personalizes curriculum to enhance each child’s strengths and improves upon any weaknesses. We utilize a student-centered approach designed with all learners in mind but have expertise working with those students who have struggled to succeed socially or academically.

What will the day look like?
Mornings are spent working in small groups on academic skills such as; reading, math, written language, listening, retention, organizational skills, and work habits. Our goal is to help students close learning gaps and retain skills gained the previous year. 

Afternoons are spent engaging in fun indoor and outdoor activities such as team building, music appreciation, art therapy, theater and physical recreation. All activities are focused on helping students reach personal and social goals that include; promoting teamwork, leadership development, and interpersonal skill building. 
Students will also attend a special off-campus outdoor adventure field trip and enjoy an end of summer celebration!


The 5 Components of Morrison School’s Summer Learning Experience

Initial academic achievement testing is conducted to design curriculum to meet each student at their individual level.  The program focuses on literacy development and math enrichment through small class sizes.

Our staff model and inject positive social skills and problem solving into all classes and programs throughout the day. We focus on teaching friendship, communication, self-regulation, and self-awareness.

Our program teaches superior lifelong learning skills beneficial to both the student and the family. Core values of our program include student accountability, responsibility, and time management by way of a token economy.

Built into our daily program is an emphasis on empowering each student to achieve to their maximum potential.  We focus on improving self-worth, self-confidence, and independence while igniting the light inside of each child.

Our staff strives to create a positive, warm, and welcoming environment that makes all who enter our doors feel safe and comfortable.  Our teachers show compassion, hope, and a surpassing commitment to each family who enrolls at Morrison School.


Start the enrollment process today! Come in for a tour!

Call the school at 276-669-2823 or email admissions@morrisonschool.org