Academic School Year | School Supplies for Academic Year

The following school supplies are needed for this school year for all Morrison School students:

7 - Wide-ruled 1 subject spiral notebooks

7 - Three prong, two pocket folders

Please purchase matching spiral notebooks & folders are matching colors in order to help with organization


Please label the notebooks & folders as follows:

Journal/CW/Essay -1 NB 1 Folder

Book Report -1NB 1 Folder

Math -1NB 1 Folder

History -1 NB 1 Folder

Science 1NB 1 Folder


1 - Three inch, three ring binder –Writing Collection

1 - One inch, three ring binder –A-book

1 - 24 Pack Ticonderoga Yellow #2 Pencils

2 - Pink Pearl Erasers

1 - 3 Ring Zipper Pencil Pouch which is used as a Token Pouch


It is also helpful for students to bring a small pencil sharpener, small stapler, and a pencil pouch or box.