Our Programs | Academic School Year

A regular school year program benefiting students:

  • With specific learning differences in reading, math, and/or written language
  • Suffering with attention deficits and personal problems that render them unable to easily acquire the study skills, work habits, personal behaviors, and social skills necessary for success in school, the community, and the workplace
  • Who excel academically and are not challenged in their current school environment

Students enrolled at Morrison School receive:

  • Customized instruction for K4-12
  • Diagnostic and prescriptive testing
  • Student and parent consultations 
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Performing Arts, Music & Visual Arts
  • Written Individual Instruction Plans
  • Daily feedback from teachers
  • Regular parent-teacher meetings
  • Year End written reports
  • Pre-Vocational/Vocational classes
  • Personal & social skills development
  • Physical Education classes
  • Field Trips
  • Community service opportunities
  • Student Government
  • Summer Learning programs
  • And of course, an atmosphere that is welcoming and encourages your child to excel

The program is two-pronged in its approach to remediation: Correction of academic skill deficits and correction of personal/social/behavioral problems that often accompany learning and attention disorders.

For more information, please contact the Morrison School at (276) 669- 2823.