It is through the generous support of our donors that Morrison School continues to enhance and enrich the lives of students with learning differences in our region.  As a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) tax-deductible organization,  we do not receive federal, state, or local financial support from taxpayers.   Since 1977, our loyal contributors have understood the need that our specialized program fulfills and have helped us maintain our current capacity of 35 to 40 students per year.   Unfortunately, the need for our services is growing, and each year we turn away children whose lives could be dramatically impacted by our program.  We want to grow our school and we want to insure that it exists for many years to come, so we hope you will help us in our mission by considering a gift in one of these ways:

Annual Giving Fund
Tuition dollars alone do not cover the annual costs of operating Morrison School, therefore we depend on outside contributions to ensure our operational budgets are met every year.   A gift to the Morrison School Fund is the foundation of the school’s giving program and makes our personalized approach to education possible.   In addition to supporting our basic operating expenses, it supports our ability to retain the top teachers and continue their professional development.  It provides students an opportunity for outside activities to enhance skills and improve in areas of physical, social and emotional development.   It supports the continued use of technology and provides textbooks and other curriculum essentials. 

Please consider making a gift to the Morrison School Fund and make an immediate impact today! 

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Student Need-Based Scholarship Fund

In order to provide the personalized educational experience that children with learning differences need, it is necessary to charge tuition and fees that can sometimes become an obstacle for families.  About 50 percent of Morrison School families receive tuition assistance each year, and scholarship dollars make up about 20 percent of our total tuition receipts. Scholarship funds are still not ample enough to support every family who applies.  With your gift, however, we can make it possible for students who need the help of Morrison School to enroll in the program.  A Scholarship gift will be used immediately in its entirety, against tuition charges for a deserving student.  Donors may request general information about the student(s) whose education they have helped to fund.  

Please consider changing the life of a deserving child and make an immediate gift to the Need-Based Scholarship Fund today! 

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Capital Improvement Fund

By gifting funds to our Capital Improvement Fund, you will be investing in the long term growth of Morrison School.  Our funds help us make much needed repairs and improvements to our current facilities, and they help us plan for future expansion as we grow to accommodate the needs of our community.   

Please consider a gift to Capital Improvement Fund today!

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