Success Stories | Parents

Parent Success Stories

"Morrison School has been an answered prayer.  It is allowing us to give our son the education, both academically and socially that he would not be able to receive at other schools"

Stephanie Branham, parent

"This school has made a huge difference in my son’s life.   He loves it!"

Sonia Vanhook, parent

"Morrison School was essentially our “no-alternative” school.  Our daughter could not thrive in her private school, would not thrive in the public school setting and is THRIVING at Morrison School!  Once her learning disability was diagnosed, Morrison School took over and taught her how to learn, but in the way SHE learns!  Each subject is broken down according to ability.  She may have one-on-one assistance with her math, while the entire class can learn American history together. Six years later our daughter is very proud to attend Morrison School and is thankful every day that we found the tools to help her achieve her best.  She plans to graduate on schedule and be prepared for higher education. The 'Morrison School Way' works, it’s that simple. "

Tracie Blevins,  parent

"Over 20 years ago when my parents were searching for help with their bright, but learning challenged daughter, they thankfully found Morrison School which provided a safe environment with its individualized education needed for children with learning challenges. At Morrison School, I learned how to overcome my learning differences and achieve excellence not only academically, but, also in life. Morrison School so positively affected my life that I have now made the journey back home (from Texas) to enroll my two children in Morrison School's "Summer Session." I want my children to reap the benefits of this outstanding school. Morrison School's undying devotion and commitment to children who learn differently, and their support and education for their families, has been an answer to prayers and the pathway to success for so many lives in their community and beyond. Thank you, Dr. Morrison, for not only seeing the need for the school, but for creating it and its outstanding environment. You helped me to see my worth and gave me the tools to achieve success in my personal and professional life. Thank you for doing the same for the loves of my life . . .  my children.

Jaimee McQuillan, parent and former student