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Community Leader Success Stories

I recently had the opportunity to evaluate several children who attend the Morrison School. I have been impressed by your philosophy and approach to these children and the positive attitudes you have engendered in the children and their families. I recently reviewed your parent handbook and a booklet entitled “Developing Homework Responsibility.” It was a real pleasure to read these.

Andrew Zimmerman, M.D., pediatric neurologist, Knoxville, TN

Every child should be given the opportunity to excel academically without the feeling of being different or unaccepted. The Morrison School has created an environment where children of any background or level of education can come and feel empowered, accepted, and cared for, with the added benefit of being given a first class education. . . A school of this caliber should be given every opportunity to continue the legacy for which it has already started. 

Toni Tauscher, educator