Parent Teacher Organization | About The Founders

Sharon Morrison grew up in Baltimore, Md., and met her husband, Arthur, while a student at King College in Bristol, Tenn. The two became friends, and later were engaged. They married in California in 1975, where she had been working after graduation. The next year was spent with each trying to persuade the other to relocate. Sharon did the migrating and returned to Bristol in 1977. That same year, she and Arthur founded the Morrison School for special needs students.

Arthur, having spent 40 years working in the metal fabrication industry, began a second and very different phase of his life in the field of special education. However, his lifelong interest in people made it a natural step for him to dedicate the rest of his life to improving the plight of children and youth who learn differently. He served as the school’s business manager for the 30 years leading up to his death in 2008.  For every minute of every day of those 30 years, Arthur loved and was totally committed to Morrison School and its mission.  His unwavering devotion is what enabled the school to survive and thrive through those early, very challenging and bumpy years.

Sharon Morrison holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology and a doctorate in education. She has held licensure in marriage, family and child counseling, psychological examining, school psychology, and instructional supervision.

Dr. Morrison has presented seminars and workshops on parenting disabled children and on instructional methods of teaching academics to students who learn differently. Through her doctoral research, she developed a method to assess effective parenting of children with learning disabilities, attention deficits, or emotional disturbance. That research was used to develop a parent and teacher handbook called “Teaching Responsibility and Independence through Homework.” Dr. Morrison has taught special education classes at East Tennessee State University and child development courses at Virginia Intermont College.

She has been the chief administrative director, curriculum and instructional supervisor, and school psychologist at Morrison School since its founding in 1977.