About Us

Does your child learn differently?

  Our purpose at Morrison School, is to help children in grades K4-12 who battle learning difficulties.  In 1977, our founder Sharon Morrison, Ed. D. and her late husband Arthur, made Morrison School their life's work.  It was their mission to prevent learning differences from becoming lifelong problems that interfere with educational, personal and professional success.

We teach differently.

We teach students to master everything from attention problems, language processing disorders, personal or social problems, reading, math, written language and comprehension deficits.  We also create a challenging learning environment for students with superior intellect and special gifts and talents.

Our core curriculum is the same as other Virginia public and private schools.  Our method of presentation is what makes us different.  Morrison School is licensed to operate by the Commonwealth of Virginia as a Private Day School for Students with Learning Disabilities. The school is also accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Specialized Education Facilities (VAISEF.)  We provide not only the academic curriculum, but also the support services and unique learning experiences that make "the Morrison Way" more successful than traditional learning environments for children who learn differently.


What are the benefits of Morrison School?

  • Strong Parent Support Groups:  PTO meetings are held throughout the Tri Cities.
  • Average student to teacher ratio for homeroom is 6:1.
  • Breakout Sessions for one-on-one assistance
  • Strong emphasis on student responsiblity
  • Positive Reinforcement System
  • Ahead of the curve technology

We moved!  

We are now located in our new facility at 200 N. Pinecrest Lane in Bristol, VA. Our new building features expanded classroom, instructional and tutoring space along with a cafeteria, gym and state of the art science lab.  Contact us today to schedule your tour of our new facility info@morrisonschool.org or (276) 669-2823.