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Private School for Students Who Learn Differently- Serving Bristol VA-TN, Kingsport, Johnson City and Surrounding Areas

Morrison School empowers students who learn differently to achieve their maximum potential by instilling in them the academic proficiency, personal values, self-confidence, motivation, and social competence necessary for personal happiness, job success and good citizenship.  The school’s founder, Dr. Sharon Morrison, believes that children with unique learning differences need to be equipped with life-long learning strategies to help them thrive, without accommodation, within their educational, professional and social environments.

Dr. Sharon Morrison Honored with Algernon Sydney Sullivan 
Award for Service


Summer Learning Experience, June 13 - July 14, Enrollment Open Now!

For 38 years, Morrison School, a private school serving students with learning differences in Bristol VA-TN, Kingsport, Johnson City and surrounding areas, announces its Summer Learning Experience, June 13th to July 14th, 2016.

As the parent of a child who learns differently, you may have watched with frustration as your bright child struggled under a rigid education system. It doesn’t have to be that way.  Morrison School provides educational programs designed for the personal needs of every student that maximizes their potential and growth.  At Morrison School:

• students improve their study skills and work habits; and they are challenged academically;
• parents watch their children discover the joys of learning; and
• teachers help students become avid learners and effective social navigators.

Enrollment is now open for Morrison School’s 2016 Summer Learning Experience.  The mission of the school’s summer program is to boost the whole child – MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT!  The program is open for Kindergarten and 1st grade through 12th grade.

Why the Morrison summer program?  Morrison’s Summer Learning Experience is an excellent way for students to learn good study habits and social skills that they will take with them to other educational environments or endeavors.  Most importantly, learning during the summer months is an excellent way to sharpen a student’s knowledge, particularly on subjects that are easily forgotten over the summer.

In particular, thanks to the individualized approach of Morrison School educators: writing mechanics, reading comprehension, mathematical thinking, and personal expression improve substantially. Even during the five-week summer program, your child learns to study in a way that’s right for them. They will leave with enhanced study skills and learn to independently organize their schoolwork. Your child also learns to be socially savvy thanks to Morrison School’s positive reinforcement system. Summer program students learn how to be effective communicators, problem solvers, and team players.
Facts regarding the summer program:

• initial consultation session with Dr. Morrison to determine candidacy for the program;
• one on one academic diagnostic assessment;
• small student-teacher ratio;
• individually tailored academic instruction;
• daily communication with parents;
• private parent consultation sessions as needed; and
• comprehensive summer end report including recommendations for coming school year.

For more detailed information and a description of a typical day, visit our web site at www.morrisonschool.org/our-programs/summer-school or contact us at  admissions@morrisonschool.org.  Are you interested in enrolling your child? Fill out the application and return it as quickly as possible. Spots are limited! 

     The Morrison School Summer Learning Experience…..
          Personalized Education.   Individualized Success.


We are now accepting applications for Pre-K/Kindergarten, students ages 4-5!  Click here to get started!